photo by Catherine Osler


Born in Vancouver, Heather Craig earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. She continued her education at Simon Fraser University where she received a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Her first career was in health care, practicing as a nurse in numerous capacities in various parts of Canada and the USA. Her continuing studies, her observations about life, and her engagement with volunteer and professional work informs her artwork. Heather lives and works in Vancouver, BC.


- Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Simon Fraser University, 2000

- Bachelor of Fine Art, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, 1996

- Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of British Columbia, 1969


- Vancouver General Hospital Art Collection

- Institute of Mental Health at UBC Art Collection

- Washington, DC

- Miami, Florida

- Portland, Oregon

- Toronto, Ontario

- Vancouver, British Columbia


-Art Rental & Sales @Vancouver Art Gallery


- Snap Contemporary Art Gallery

- Jacana Gallery

- Yale Gallery,

- The Silk Purse Gallery

- Participated in ‘Art for Life’ live auction (2005 - 2009)

- Participated in Vancouver East Culture Crawl November (2006 - 2017)

- ‘Fund Raiser for Depression Research’ Coast Capital Savings (2007 - 2009)


Banff Centre: Analogous Fields - Art and Science (2009)


I see my practice in art as a conversation with the culture that we inhabit. By that I mean that I consider ideas about issues from an historical and contemporary perspective. As well, I look at how we use metaphors to think about ourselves and how we live. Much of my engagement with art is preoccupied with understanding loss. In part, this arises from many years of experience as a nurse; it also comes from personal experience. I have come to think that life’s biggest test is to manage the losses that come our way and for that reason my work often deals with the process of grief. At the same time, I have an appreciation of the joyful and whimsical aspects of life, which I try to represent. Finally, I am deeply affected by the environment in which I live, seeing it as a place of beauty that informs my work. For me the materiality of paint is inextricably bound with meaning. I take colours and simple signs, and I paint. Metaphor, enigma and ambiguity are allowed for. A painting has presence and authority. But, what happens between my own expression and its interpretation happens in the space between the painting and the viewer.

portrait of Heather Craig in image of a pop vinyl created by Malcolm Craig 2015